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Thursday, November 29, 2012, 12:20 PM
I will miss you a lot dear 6 a.m. alarm clock.

 Hi everybody. I had finished my SPM last two days. I can say that is the most blissful moment in my life. Who don't like it? Everyone does. Every single candidate would cheering happily at that moment. Some of them could even saying they'd burn the books and every stuff that even related to school. Teenage angst. They not even realizing something that they actually entering out of the most memorable place on earth. You're raised up in there. You know everything in there. You know friendship in there. You met your bff in there. You met you first love in there. Why would you said that?

Don't simply hate school. you have school because you're the one who probed yourself with hateness. You hate school because you hate teachers, you hate homeworks, you hate punishments, you hate rules and stuffs. But film me, you'll miss school somehow. You'll miss everything in there. Every. Thing.

You'll miss your 6 a.m. alarm clock. You'll miss holding them pens and stationary, you'll miss your teachers' nagging, you'll miss them best friends, you'll miss those foods at the canteen even if the foods never taste good (my school canteen), you'll miss morning assembly, you'll miss principal's 'sepatah dua kata' speech, you'll miss your first love, you'll miss school's toilets, you'll miss your place in your class. And much more. You name it.

I will miss you, school uniform. I'll miss SMK Dato' Onn :')