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Saturday, March 17, 2012, 6:48 PM
Dear sweethearts.

Dear Sweetheart (I),

Calm down, setiap yang terjadi, ada hikmahnya. Semoga hang cepat sembuh dan chemotheraphy semua berjalan lancar. Don't give up, people around you are trying their best to give you lotsa supports as its can be. I love you girl. I'm here, effortlessly can only pray for your healthy and your brighter future, leaving as a normal teenagers. You gotta be strong. This is though test from Allah.

Dear Sweetheart (II),

Happy birthday Kak Ju! You're the greatest (uncountable, can't defined the greatness) sister I've ever had. Semoga kak ju panjang umur and dimurahkan rezeki disamping keluarga and anak anak! Have a blast and cheers! xoxo