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Monday, November 7, 2011, 2:10 AM
This Made Up My Day!

Hey did you guys stay up for last night! Yes, the EMA's. I'm here to talk about Gaga's winning. Kalau dia tak menang jangan harap aku nak update ha! Lol

Performance: Marry The Night

Award: Best Female Artist

Award: Best Song (Born This Way)

Award: Best Video (Born This Way)

Award: Biggest Fans. (I'm proud of this! :') )

So kemenangan ni memang dah boleh dijangka sebelum start lagi! Hmm..... Hey JB's fans! :D *fascinated* Tapi yang aku sexcited sgt sgt ni, Marry The Night Performance! OMG SHE'S SO HOT. BRILLIANT COSTUME. NICE CHOREO. I'm pretty sure MTN upcoming video will be soooooo, idk to tell. But its, yeah! You-know-what! :p

She's on the moon!

This paper garment is from Paco Rabbane Spring Collection! Its awesome for words.