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Sunday, October 16, 2011, 8:51 AM
What goes around comes back around.

My elder sister. ph and editing by me. (low quality image *forever low*)

So how is it going? I'm on my way to finish my last paper tomorrow. Its Biology Paper 3 uols. Not easy, seriously. Before the course selection day, I really thought these Stream/Course (Pure Science Stream) was easy. I really thought those account thingy was hard to understand. With the so-called "Debit and Credit", I really thought this was complicated since my Kemahiran Hidup - Perdagangan was too lame to tell. But everybody surrounding me don't really prefered me to take this 'desired' course. Thus, to build a simple account table is not my expertise.

Regrets. This is what can I conclude now. With almost additional subject failed. I can't really go on. Plus, my Addmaths is sick. Chemistry is sick, too. I can't pick up these subject. Idk wether I'm the one who make it difficult or just the subject. But why everybody surrounding me can deliver it nicely? It's impossible to me to reach A grade. Its been too far too pursue.

After all, after seeing my sister persistence in her studies a long time ago, its really make me up. With all those words from her, I can really breath smoothly. Fyi, my sister got 2 subject failed in her PMR. Which are Mathematics and Geography. So, she can't make it to sits along with her friends, in her desired stream, Pure Science. She takes a decision to study Account. Eventhough her heart really don't want to stay there, but she committed to stay there. It's a fate that she have to get through. After all, she scored 2 subject with 1A grade in SPM, which is Perdagangan and Account. And scored 2 subject with A grade, which is History and Basic Science. And make her a nurse today.

This really thought me to keep working eventhough I almost found failure in my life and close to despair at times. I have to go on. This was destined to me. And yet, I'm working to make my grade keep improving and better. Plus, this is one of my step to prevent my phone, lappy and other stuff from get confiscated by mum. She warned me before :>

Hehe. Till then, goodnite peoples! Hefta good sleep. Eh wait, I love my sister, no matter what Kbyeeeeee